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If your youth love creative and hilarious games, and you love being able to spend more time with the youth and less time in preparation, you’re gonna love Human Sculptures, a simple game where students attempt to recreate well-known objects or scenes with just their own bodies! This remarkably simple game has endless possibilities, requires no materials, and can be played anywhere at any time. One of the great things about this game is that you can play multiple rounds for a full-feature youth group game, or you can use it as an ice breaker, or just something fun to do during transitions or waiting moments with your youth group.

Number of participants – Minimum 5, No Maximum Materials Needed – None, optional – timer.

Human Sculptures Game Instruction (Read Aloud To Group)

*Note – if you have more than 10 youth, divide the youth into teams of 10 or less, making as many teams as necessary.

We’re going to play a game called Human Sculptures! In this game, you will be challenged to create statues of well-known scenes and objects using only your bodies. To begin, we will divide into even teams (if you have less than 10 youth, do not divide). Next, I’ll call out a well-known scene or object and you will have 2 minutes to create the best possible representation of it using only your bodies. You are permitted to have “moving parts” to your Human Sculpture. After 2 minutes are up, I will then judge who has the best representation of the scene. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Ideas for Human Sculptures

The following is a list of ideas for playing Human Sculptures

Virtually any object, from a pirate ship to a tractor trailer can be used for this game. Below are a few ideas that might be particularly fun for your youth to make.

  • Carousel / Carnival Merry Go Round
  • Parade Float
  • Dog Sled
  • Cannon
  • Fighter Jet Airplane
  • Train
  • The Titanic Sinking
  • A Rock Concert
  • The Avengers Fight Thanos

Human Sculptures Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry