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Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, and this game will give your youth a chance to search with their friends while having a blast at the same time. In this game, your youth will search a designated area to find the parts of a disassembled flashlight. Once assembled, the flashlight turning on can signify the end of the game – OR you can use the flashlight to continue another element of the game. There are endless possibilities of variations for utilizing Grog in your youth group meeting, so be sure to check out some of the ideas for variations at the bottom of this post.

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Materials Needed – Flashlights, one for each team. Inexpensive flashlights from a dollar store should work well.

Number of players – 3 Minimum, no Maximum.

Can be modified for social distancing.

Preparing The Game

Grog can be played in large and small areas, depending on the space you have to work with. If playing in a smaller area, be sure to hide the flashlight components more securely so that the game doesn’t end quickly. If playing in a larger area, don’t hide the flashlight components in very difficult to find areas or the students may not finish in a timely manner.

Dollar stores typically sell flashlights that can be broken down into at least two parts, plus batteries. You should be able to easily get at least 5 parts out of each flashlight, including the batteries.

Before the game, you will need to hide the flashlight components throughout the playing area.

If you have decided to include any variations in this game, be sure to prepare that as well ahead of time (see Variations below).

Finally, you will need to decide ahead of time how to create teams for this game, if the students will be playing in teams.

Game Instructions (Read Aloud)

We’re going to play a game called Grog! In this game, you’ll be searching for flashlight components that have been hidden. We will begin by dividing into teams (using the predetermined method for dividing into teams). After dividing into teams, you can begin searching for the flashlight components.

Once you find all of the components, you’ll then assemble your flashlight and return to the leader and demonstrate that you can turn it on.


After assembling the flashlight, there are a number of tasks the students can use the flashlight for. The following are a few ideas. In this way, Grog can be used as the “first part” of a larger game or activity.

  1. Create another smaller scavenger hunt for other items in a dark room that will require the flashlight to find. Each group gets a list of unique list of items to search for.
  2. Create a maze in a dark room of chairs, tables, etc, that the students need to use the flashlight to navigate.
    Use the flashlight to search a Bible in a dark room for verses.
  3. Print out Scripture verse references on small pieces of paper that the students will be given after assembling the flashlight.
  4. Use flashlights to search for a hidden person in a dark area of your church or facility.

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