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Sometimes you just need a quick game to change the energy in the room, and Grandma’s Footsteps is one you’re going to want to remember for just those times. No preparation is needed, and this game can be played anywhere after being taught to your youth in seconds – what’s not to like? Plus, we have included a few variations of this game for you to pick from, which will help increase the difficulty and complexity of the game. Grandma’s Footsteps is also a game that can work well with children’s ministries, because of the simplicity of play, making it a great game for all ages.

Number of Players – 4 Minimum, no Maximum

Equipment Needed – None

Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Game Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

Don’t forget to check out variations of this game below if your teens are looking for more challenges and variety.

We’re going to play a game called “Grandma’s Footsteps!” In this game, one player serves as “Grandma” and stands with their back turned away from the group. Everyone else spreads out behind Grandma as far away as possible and attempts to creep up slowly and tap “Grandma” on the shoulder. However, “Grandma” can turn around at any moment to look to see who is coming closer. No one can move while “Grandma” is looking. If “Grandma” sees anyone moving, they can point at that person and they have to move to the side until the round is over. If anyone gets close enough to “Grandma” to tap them on the shoulder, then the round is over and the person who tapped becomes the new “Grandma.”


There are several ways you can add difficulty and complexity to “Grandma’s Footsteps.”

Steal An Item – The basic rules are the same, but rather than tapping “Grandma” the idea is to steal an item placed very close to Grandma that is small enough to hold in the hand hidden (like a coin). After stealing the item, the goal then is to return to the far end of the space where the game began. If the person carrying the stolen object is caught, you can have the item returned and gameplay continues as is, or the round is over and a new Grandma is selected.

Noisy Attire – If you have time to make them, you can force each player to carry a noisy item, such as a small strand of jingle bells turned into a necklace. Another idea is to tape the paper to the players’ shoes, which will add noise if not cautious. This will require players to be extra cautious.

Multiple Grandma’s – Another idea is to allow more players to serve as “Grandma’s.” You can position the players in various spots, depending on the space you have. The only condition is this case is that the “Grandmas” have to take turns turning to look because the game would be impossible to play if all of the “Grandmas” could turn around at any moment.

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