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This is the first entry in a complete seven part series of devotions based on this song.

Welcome to the beginning of this series, a series that will hopefully help you draw closer to God. This song is perfect for that, a song that truly captures the heart of a Christian who is resolved to follow God through calm or stormy seas. I hope you will join us here at Spiritually Hungry as we together, over the next 7 entries, grow in our intimacy with God. Let’s dive in!

Grow closer to God through devotions based on Hillsong United's Oceans worship song. Each of the 7 devotions are intended to help you grow closer to God by running into His safe, loving arms.


It never ceases to amaze me how our glorious God NEVER leaves us to our own devices; He loves us so much and He wants to make us whole and complete. In order for us to become more like Him, He calls us to a new way of living – a new way of thinking and responding. Having a Godly attitude about the challenges in your life takes courage and immense trust in God.

When I first heard “Oceans”, I was in a transitional period of my life, a period that I will most certainly write more in-depth about in the future. Like most transitional periods, it was characterized by stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. At the time, I knew change was upon me and I knew God was directing that change, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like or be like.

I heard this song at a big retreat while leading a youth group as their youth minister. As the song played, the lyrics were displayed on the big screen as the house worship band played. As  I stood there, not singing, just simply taking in the song, I felt this overwhelming sense that it  it was written for me, for this exact moment in my life.

“And there I find You in the mystery. In oceans deep my faith will stand” -“Oceans”-

As a minister, I was there to help a group of thirty teenagers learn something about God. But in that moment, I was just overcome by the tremendous sense that the whole moment was directed entirely at me.

Have you ever felt that way – that God is using everything and everyone in the world to speak right into your soul?

That’s the great thing about our God- He knows.

He knows everything. Where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going.

He gives us the tools we need to walk with Him in this world, and this song was certainly a needed tool for me that day and the days to come.

Spiritual Exercise

This devotional series comprises of seven parts, so to start us out, I simply invite you to listen to the song. Just take this song in – set aside 10 minutes to listen to the song and invite God into the moment. Be aware of the lyrics and what God may be speaking to you. Think about what is stirring in your heart as you listen to this song, you may want to take note of the feelings and thoughts that arise. Whatever comes from listening to this song – hold onto it with your Maker and bring with you as we journey through this song together.

I ask God that this may be a holy moment for you, where you can connect with the One who loves you more than you can imagine. Listen for His quiet voice and feel His arms wrapped around you as you two sit together.

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