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So sorry, this Challenge has ended. We are a “live ministry” website, and our Challenges are created for our community to experience together in real-time.

However, we’d love to have you join our current Challenge!

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And if you are looking for more growth and direction in your personal walk with God, we invite you to check out our Forevergreen Membership and community for Christian women. It includes daily devotions, monthly Christian digital planner and Bible study, and a Facebook community.

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It’s almost the end of 2019, and another year and decade is coming to a close! Every month, we release a list of Scripture for you to read for each and every day of the month. If you’re looking for a more in-depth daily growth plan, you will want to check out of Forevergreen membership which included a monthly planner, a monthly Bible study, and daily email devotions!

Now, since it’s December, we naturally are going to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ.

In this Challenge, you will receive a free downloadable packet with your Scripture reading and/or writing verse for the day, and some reflection questions and prayer prompts for the entire month.

This month we will be focusing on preparing our hearts for the newborn King and what a gift Jesus is to us.

Christmas Scripture Reading Challenge | Christmas Scripture Writing Challenge