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Sometimes you need an epic playlist to help you through a tough time – a battle. That’s what I needed this past summer, when I found out that my unborn daughter was given no chance of survival.

I needed something to ground me and I knew the only thing that could ground me was the presence of God.

And one very important way to feel the presence of God is through worship.

So that’s what I did. I listened, sang…and often cried.

In the midst of that battle, I found myself needing to constantly be reminded of who God is and what he promises, which is his fruit: goodness, kindness, self-control, love, joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness and patience. These are the things I sought after and having a battle song playlist helped me greatly to remain in his presence and live in his fruit.

I want to let you know that even though almost all the doctors we saw early on said there would be no chance for our daughter to survive, she did and is currently (as of November 2017) in the NICU doing very well!

My creation of a battle song playlist was not so that God would give me what I desired, for my baby to live, but rather as a means to turn to him – because he is the only way.

I was shocked that God healed her, because we were preparing for a death. Should you find yourself not understanding why God didn’t answer your prayer request, this post I wrote might be of help for you, How To Handle Prayers That Don’t Go Your Way.

I’m guessing if you are reading this post, you too are going through a battle. Whatever you are facing, know that God is with you and loves you immensely. Equip yourself for battle by making your own battle song playlist. Below I have some of my favorites that have helped me greatly.

I hope you enjoy and take these songs as a jumping off point to making your own battle song playlist! Click the button below for the first 6 songs!

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Do you find yourself in the middle of a battle or storm? Equip your fight with worship, as it is a great way to find stability and strength. Make your own playlist for battle with these great Christian songs, videos included in post!