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Everyone loves charades, but it can get a little predictable, right? Well, one way to spice up this classic game is to turn it into a big crazy relay! Charades Relay will add more competition, excitement, and energy-burning into a game that your youth almost certainly know how to play to begin with. Plus, one more huge advantage – no materials needed.

Number of Players – 6 Minimum, No Maximum

Materials Needed – None

Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Before The Game

You’ll need a list of phrases or words to give to the two competing teams. Of course, the phrases can be anything, so this could be a great opportunity to come up with words that connect with the youth group theme or message of the night. But if you just need a quick list of words, here’s a link to charade words that can get the game going quickly.

Click Here For Charades Words

Additionally, you will need to take into account the playing area for this game, because you will have multiple teams attempting to guess the same charades words at the same time. If you have a large room for the playing area, try to send the teams to opposite corners or sides. Any dividers or means to block other teams from seeing one another is helpful. Even better is to have the youth play in multiple classrooms or other divided spaces for even more privacy.

Game Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play Charades Rally! You know how to play Charades, right? If not, it’s simple – you just need to act out a word or phrase with acting alone. No speaking aloud! Each round consists of one person who acts out a secret word or phrase, while everyone else guesses the answer. In Charades Rally, you’ll be divided into teams. I will hold the secret word for each round, and only I have the word. For each round, one player will come up to me and I will tell them the secret word. Then, each player will run back to their team and begin acting out the word or phrase for the team. Once the word is guessed, the next player from each team will come up to me and get the next word. The winning team will be the first team to finish the relay by having each player lead in charades and having guessed all words. If your team is stuck, you may skip a word and send another player up. However, you need to notify me that your team did not guess correctly, and I will take note it of this in the end, to determine a final winner.

Charades Relay Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry