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It’s coming for you….and….it’s…GROWING! Blob is a high-energy game that builds in momentum as captured players join the “blob” and work together to go after the rest of the free players. This is a great game for those moments when you simply have no materials or resources to work with, but you need a game that is fun and burns lots of energy!

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Number of Participants – 7 minimum, but you could play with smaller numbers in a smaller space.

Materials and Equipment – None. However, if you’re playing in a larger open area, you will likely want to have something serve as boundary markers to confine the playing space.

Setting Up The Playing Area

Blob can be played anywhere with a lot of open space. Gymnasiums, recreation halls, parking lots, open fields are all possibilities. If you’re going to be playing Blob in a very large area, you might want to utilize objects to serve as boundary markers. If you don’t establish some sort of playing area, then students could potentially run endlessly away from the Blob, making it exhausting and not as much fun! Traffic cones or found objects (book bags, books, jackets, etc) can be placed at 4 corners to serve as rough boundaries that all players must stay within.

Blob Game Rules And Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play a game called Blob!” The game begins with one volunteer, who will be known as “The Blob.” The goal of “The Blob” is to try to capture other players, who are attempting to stay clear of “The Blob.” If “The Blob” touches another player, they are caught and must become part of “The Blob” by linking arms or holding hands with “The Blob.” As more players are caught, “The Blob” will grow in size and reach. The game continues until all players are caught, with the last player to be caught serving as the beginning player of “The Blob” in the next round. (NOTE: If using boundary markers, be sure to explain the boundaries and instruct all players to stay within them.)

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