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Does your group love playing tag games, hide and seek, and other run and catch games…but you don’t have the time and space? Well Blind Noodle Bash is a fun way to incorporate team work and communication into a fun game that is played in rounds (so you can make it as long as you want) and doesn’t require a huge space. In this game, players will work as two-person teams. Plus, all you need to play are some blindfolds, a pool noodle, and open space! Great for indoor and outdoor too, so it’s something that can be played year round.

Blind Noodle Bash Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry

Blind Noodle Bash Game Instructions

Number of Players Needed – Minimum 5, No Maximum
Materials Needed – Blindfolds (for half of the players), Pool Noodle (3-6 feet/1-2 meters)

Setting Up The Playing Area

You will need an open space for playing this game with absolutely no obstacles because one player will be blindfolded. Additionally, something needs to be chosen for the “Home Base” in this game, which the players will need to touch in order to be safe. A large mat, or simply tape on the floor can be used to signify the home base. Be sure there is nothing dangerous that could cause tripping near the base. It’s best not to use a wall or other hard object for the base, because again, one player will be blindfolded. You can set up home base in the middle of the playing area if you have a large area relative to the size of your group. If you have a smaller area, you might want to put home base on one side of the space so there is more room to travel to get to it.

Also, if you have a large area, you may want to set boundaries that the players cannot leave.

Group Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play a game called “Blind Noodle Bash”! In this game, “It” is blindfolded, but armed with a pool noodle and helped by a “Guide.” Everyone else is a “Walker” who will attempt to reach “Home Base” before “It” hits them with a pool noodle without running even once step.

Each round, a randomly selected “It” and “Guide” will be chosen. “It” wears a blindfold and will rely on verbal instruction from their “Guide” to find and bash “Walkers” with their pool noodle. One-touch from the pool noodle and the “Walker” is out for that round. However, “Walkers” must walk, they cannot run. The “Guide” can call out any player who runs, jumps, or does any movement other than walking, and they will be considered out. Also, any “Walker” who touches “It” is out.

At the beginning of each round, the “Walkers” will spread out and attempt to make it to “Home Base” to safety.

The first person “It” touches with the pool noodle will become “It” next game and the second person will become “Guide” for the next round. However, if the first two people have already been “It” or the “Guide”, the first people bashed who haven’t played in this roles will become “It” and “Guide”.

The team of “It” and “Guide” who gets the largest number of players out is the winner.

NOTE: If your playing area has boundaries, leaving the playing area by a “Walker” is an out.

*dollar tree often has pool noodles year round.

Blind Noodle Bash Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry