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If you have missed a previous day’s challenge, be sure to check this page to find all of the previous published challenges for Be The Light.

Welcome back, I am so thrilled you are here working on being the light of Christ in the world! Today’s challenge is all about having an inner quiet time and reflecting on what it means to be the light.

Today, I simply want us to do a devotion created to help center our hearts and minds on to what it means to be the light.

Can you imagine our world without light? We couldn’t even survive. It would be impossible to grow food, no warmth for comfort.

Life must have light.

And so it is with the light of Christ.

Sure, countless people can survive without Jesus’ light, but how well are they living? Brokenness, greed, and anger are all products of walking without the light of Christ and lead to a life filled with darkness and self-reliance.

But Christ has paved another way, a life filled with light and hope, and one that produces righteousness and magnificent Fruit. We need Christ’s light, for without it, we remain in the dark.

The light of Christ cannot be hidden in you unless you extinguish it.

Jesus’ light ceases to shine when we are not in line with the way of God, primarily loving Him above all else, and loving all people equally the same.

We are not called to judge, only God can do that.

We are called to love, and when we love, Christ’s light is brilliant and bright. We become a beacon in the world because we are actively showing others through our actions and words what living in the Gospel looks like and what Christ does within.

Nothing can dampen that light when we are following the Lord’s greatest commandment to love Him above all else, even self and to love all people yes even those who hurt us or those who are unlike us or think differently than we do.

When we love like Christ did, we shine His light brightly in this darkened world.

Reflection Question: How do you shine Jesus’ light to your family? To your acquaintances? To your enemies? To opposing political parties? To all people?

Spend some time in prayer thanking Jesus for being the light of the world and imploring God to help you shine His light through your response to His call to love all people.