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Congratulations on making it to the end of the Be The Light Challenge! I hope the past 14 days have been meaningful and have played a part in helping you better understand what representing the light of Christ looks like in your life and world.

If you’re just now finding this Challenge or want to check out past days, just click here and you can read more information about the Be The Light Challenge.

Your Day 15 Challenge is simple – take all that you’ve learned and uncovered from the Be The Light Challenge and prayerfully ask God to help you understand what it looks like to share the light of Christ throughout your celebration of Christmas this year.

Christmas is a month-long celebration, and hopefully you’ve had many opportunities to share the light with others this season. But considering that the actual Christmas holiday is when we tend to spend time with those closest to us, now is also the time to remember that the sharing the light with Jesus is important for the deepest relationships in our life too.

And the thing is – sometimes those we are closest to can be the hardest to step out in faith and be vulnerable with, because there is so much history between you and so many patterns of relationship and habit have been established.

That’s why for this Challenge, your task is to prayerfully speak to God and ask Him to help you better understand what it might look like to establish a new tradition of focusing more intensely on Christ with your family.

We all have Christmas traditions – so your challenge is to find a new way to be the light even in the midst of your own family customs. And 2020 is likely the perfect year for many of you, since your celebrations may look different in years past.

So whether it’s a Scripture reading, a prayer with family, a testimony, or a new way of giving gifts – find a way to bring the light more closely into your celebration this year.

Congrats! You’ve finished the Be The Light Challenge! Thank you so much for joining us in this journey, and we hope you’ve been blessed by it. May you have a Merry Christmas, filled with the peace of Christ and the hope that God is with us, no matter what!