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Band-Aid Tag is the perfect game to burn energy and requires no prep! We are going to provide you with a variation to this game to suit the size of your group and their skill levels. In this simple tag-style game, youth will have to cover their tag spot with their hand in order to continue, and will lead to some really hilarious movements! Keep reading below to learn more about Band-Aid Tag and find a variation that works for your group!

Number of Players – 5 minimum, the more the better
Materials Needed – Timer (use your phone)

Playing Area

Band-Aid Tag can be played in any large open area, indoor or outdoor. Be sure that it is completely clear of all obstacles. There are variations of the game that will require you to designate a portion of the playing area to a “Hospital” where players can be healed.

Basic Game Instructions – (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play a game called “Band-Aid Tag”! This game is a variety of the classic tag, game, except when you are tagged, you have to cover the place where you were tagged with a “band aid,” which is your hand. Since you only have two hands, and thus, only two “band-aids” getting tagged a third time means you are out. However, “It” only has 5 minutes to tag out every player (reduce time for smaller groups, increase for larger).

To begin, one player is designated as “It” who will be trying to force all the other players to cover themselves in “band-aids”. “It” can only tag a player on the shoulder, back, arms, or legs. No tags on the front torso, head or neck. Tags must be a light touch, not a hit, slap, or forceful push.

After “It” tags a player, the player must cover the spot where they were tagged with a hand. “It” cannot immediately tag a player again, they must tag someone else first or allow at least 20 seconds before tagging a player again.

Once a player has been tagged three times and is out of “band-aids” they must leave the playing area.

“Its” goal is to tag all of the players out before time expires. Once “It” has tagged everyone, the amount of time left on the clock should be recorded. Additional rounds can be played with a new “It”, competing to see who can tag out all of the players the fastest.


For larger groups, you can add multiple “Its”

Another way to play this game is to create a “Hospital”, which is an area to the side of the playing zone. When a player has been tagged three times, they can go to the “hospital” and be “healed” by waiting there for 30 seconds, allowing them to re-enter the game.

Depending on the size of your group, you can limit the number of players who can enter the hospital at a time (such as 3-5). If the hospital is full, then any players tagged in the meantime are out of the game.

In this variation, if the only players left are those in the hospital, then the game ends and “Its” total time is recorded.

Band Aid Tag Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry