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A little imagination, creativity, and flexibility are all that’s needed to play 60 Second Objects, a game that your youth will find both fun and challenging. In this game, youth are divided into teams, and everyone will compete to build the best functional object – using only their bodies! And if you’re looking for a really good reason to play this game as the leader – this game requires no preparation and no materials, meaning you can play it anywhere at any time! Additionally, you can use this game as an icebreaker or as a quick game mid-youth group to get everyone out of their seats for a few minutes.

Number of Participants – 4 minimum, no maximum

Materials Needed: None

Game Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play a game called 60 Second Objects. In this game, you will work together as a group to create a series of objects using only your body, and you only have one minute to create them. We begin by dividing into groups (if you have less than 8 youth total, then don’t divide into groups). Next, I’ll call out an object and you’ll have one minute to figure out how to make that object together. If the object has moving parts, be sure to incorporate those into your build. Try to be as creative as possible, because I will be judging a winner for each round. The team with the most wins at the end of the game is the overall winner.

Object List

The following is a shortlist of objects that you may want to incorporate into your game.

  • Flower
  • Elephant
  • Bicycle
  • Dump Truck
  • Guitar
  • Television playing a show
  • Spider
  • Dining Room Table

60 Second Objects Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry