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Prayers For A Bad Day

No matter how hard we may try, bad days inevitably happen. The question is never if a bad day will come along or not, but will we respond by turning to God or relying on ourselves and our own strength.

We’ve put together this list of 30 prayers for the worst days to be a resource for you when things aren’t going well. Bookmark or save this page in some way, and that way you’ll have it ready to go for when you’re at a loss for words. Our hope is to encourage you to first turn to God when trouble comes your way, and we hope that this resource can help you make God your top priority when problems arrive!

Prayers For A Bad Day


Prayer For A Bad Day | Prayers For A Bad Day

God, I need You. This day is horrible. I feel terrible and I can’t find any hope. My heart is sinking and I just can’t believe how lousy I feel. I just need You to turn this day around. I want to feel better, see beyond this, but I don’t know how, so I turn to You. Amen.



Prayers For A Tough Day | Prayer For A Tough Day

God, I am very overwhelmed. My heart is heavy and I am filled with thoughts that don’t reflect Your love or truth for me. Help me to hear You and see You. Amen.



Prayers For Monday | Prayer For Monday

Lord, This day isn’t going as I planned. I hadn’t expected to face a day like this. I feel unprepared and knocked down. Life is really tough sometimes God. I just never know what to expect. Will You help me solidify my thoughts, heart, and actions into You? Amen.


Prayer For A Monday | Prayers For A Monday

God, I’m just so angry. I can’t believe how this day is going. I’m so sick of having days like this, where the world just dumps all of its crap on me. I don’t understand why this happens to me. Days like this really rattle me and upset me. How can I move past these incidents with You leading me, showing me how much I matter to you? Will You show me whose voice really matters in my life? Amen.



Prayer For Bad Times | Prayers For Bad Times

God, I just feel down. I’m a bit sad, upset, worried and tired all rolled up into one. I hate feeling like this, but I can’t help it. I don’t know how to see past these emotions. Show me the way Lord. Show me the way to You. Amen.

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Prayer For A Bad Day | Prayer For Help | Prayer For Mondays

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