30 Prayers To Say On A Bad Day

Bad Day | Prayer For Help | Turn To God

No matter how hard we may try, bad days inevitably happen. The question is never if a bad days will come along or not, but will we respond by turning to God or relying on ourselves and our own strength.

We’ve put together this list of 30 prayers for the worst days to be a resource for you when things aren’t going well. Bookmark or save this page in some way, and that way you’ll have it ready to go for when you’re at a loss for words. Our hope is to encourage you to first turn to God when trouble comes your way, and we hope that this resource can help you make God your top priority when problems arrive!

1. God, I need You. This day is horrible. I feel terrible and I can’t find any hope. My heart is sinking and I just can’t believe how lousy I feel. I just need You to turn this day around. I want to feel better, see beyond this, but I don’t know how, so I turn to You. Amen.

2. God, I am very overwhelmed. My heart is heavy and I am filled with thoughts that don’t reflect Your love or truth for me. Help me to hear You and see You. Amen.

3. Lord, This day isn’t going as I planned. I hadn’t expected to face a day like this. I feel unprepared and knocked down. Life is really tough sometimes God. I just never know what to expect. Will You help me solidify my thoughts, heart and actions into You. Amen.

4. God, I’m just so angry. I can’t believe how this day is going. I’m so sick of having days like this, where the world just dumps all of its crap on me. I don’t understand why this happens to me. Days like this really rattle me and upset me. How can I move past these incidents with You leading me, showing me how much I matter to you? Will You show me whose voice really matters in my life. Amen.

5. God, I just feel down. I’m a bit sad, upset, worried and tired all rolled up in to one. I hate feeling like this, but I can’t help it. I don’t know how to see past these emotions. Show me the way Lord. Show me the way to You. Amen. 

6. Lord, Today has been really hard. I don’t know if I have the strength to get through the rest of this day. My mind keeps replaying things over and over and I can’t get out of this downward cycle. Help me by bringing your peace into my mind. Amen.

7. God, Life just seems so rough. I feel beaten up and tired. Exhausted and weary. I need your strength and love to penetrate my day, please come a rescue me. Amen.

8. God, I’m just so angry. This day has really gotten to me and I can’t get passed it. I’m so sick of things like this happening. It seems everywhere I turn, trouble is around the corner. God, will You help alleviate my pain and turmoil. I need You and your support and protection. Amen.

9. Lord, I just really didn’t expect today to turn out like this. I really thought this would actually be a good day. I had so many plans, and thought that things would go differently. Can you help me to get this day back on track? Amen.

10. God, It’s just so frustrating when trouble comes from out of nowhere. It makes me feel so unsure about everything that I know. I feel like another disaster can happen at any moment, Lord, I just need your peace and assurance. Amen.

11. Lord, I just don’t know where to start fixing this huge mess. There are so many problems that have developed today, and I just don’t know what to do to make it better. Can you help me to focus on just one productive thing that I can do today to help make this better? Amen.

12. God, What’s going to happen next? What bad news is coming my way? When will this all stop? I need you. Amen.

13. Lord, I’m just a nervous wreck. I keep trying to calm down, but I just keep relieving the events of this day over and over. Can you help me to focus on you, and see beyond all these circumstances? Amen.

14. God, I don’t know how I’m going to make it to bedtime today. I’m already exhausted and there is so much left to do. Will this day ever end? I just feel like it never will – I need your strength to carry me through. Amen. 

15. Lord, What do you want me to do? I’m listening…just tell me and I’ll do it. I am desperate and have nowhere else to turn. This day is just falling apart and I need you to piece me back together. Amen.

16. God, I can’t believe that everything that’s happened has all been on the same day. It feels like this day has been a week long and that time is just ticking along as slow as it possibly can. I need re-energized and prepared for everything else that I need to take care of, and that’s why I’m turning to you. Amen.

17. Lord, I really just need a break from today. I just need some time alone, or time to take a breather. I’m just concerned that if things continue like they are, I’m going to have a breakdown. Can you help me find some space for myself in all of this craziness? Amen.

18. God, I wish I could just start this day over. I would have done so many things differently, knowing what I know right now. I don’t feel like I handled all of this very well, and I’m already filled with regret. Can you help me to move forward? Amen.

19. Lord, I’ve made mistakes today and I really regret my actions. I’ve acted foolishly, I’ve created more problems the more that I’ve tried to fix them. I feel like I just don’t know what I’m doing. I need your wisdom to understand how to respond to all of this. Amen. 

20. God, I’m so frustrated and irritable. I just want to snap at everyone, whether they have done anything to me or not. I’m just not myself today, and I don’t want to act this way. Can you help me reclaim peace in my life today and love others in the way that you do? Amen.

21. Lord, I’m honestly praying that you can send someone my way, to help me figure out where to go. I just need someone to take some of this burden, or help me make sense of all of the problems I’m facing. I just don’t think I can do it alone. I praise you for always being with me and never abandoning me, even when things are going absolutely awful. Amen.

22. God, Today is just not my day. I just feel like I’ve run out of luck, or there is some curse upon me. I know that you’re watching over me, but I just don’t feel that, or see it happening. Lord, can you help me regain my faith, and trust that you are here with me? Amen.

23. Lord, I feel like I’m just going to be traumatized from what’s been going on today. I’m afraid that the same things are going to just keep happening over and over and there is nothing that I can do about it. I know that you hold the future in your hands, but I feel afraid of the future right now. Bring a new joy into my life so that I can move forward responding in love and compassion to all the troubled situations I’m seeing. Amen.

24. God, I am afraid that I ruined a relationship today and I’m not sure what to do about it. I really never intended to cause so many issues, but I can’t take back what I’ve said. I know that I need to apologize, and I need to make amends, but that feels so difficult to do right now. Lord, can you help me figure out a way to seek forgiveness, and I know that begins first with seeking your forgiveness. Thank you for your love. Amen.

25. Lord, You are my strength, you are my rock, and I need to, in some way, feel more of that presence in my life today. I need the confidence to act like someone who knows that they are loved by you. Help me to feel the firmness of your foundation under me today. Amen.

26. God, I’m determined to make this day better, and I pray that I see your presence coming alongside me. I know that I can’t give up, and I have to keep pushing through, but I don’t want to do it alone. I need you with me, and seeing you by my side, I know I can reclaim this day. Amen.

27. Lord, I just need your help. There is no other way to put it. I just need your help for today. I don’t even know what else to say. I just need you. Amen.

28. God, There are many things that I need to fix today, but I first want to ask your forgiveness. I’ve been powering through this day in my own strength, and now I’m out of energy. My mind feels numb and I’m just ready to quit. Forgive me for turning to myself first, and help me to instead place all of my worries and problems in your hands, because you know what to do, and I don’t. Amen.

29. Lord, I’m so hurt. I’m so fragile. I can’t believe what’s been going on today, and I feel like I can’t take much more if it. Everything in my life feels so delicate right now, and like it’s all just going to fall apart. Help me to find the courage to move forward. Amen.

30. God, Claim this day, because there is nothing more that I can do. I openly hand over today to you, and I’m going to just rest inside, knowing that you are in control, that I’m not, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Amen.

Again, we hope that these prayers can help you get your day back on track by turning to God, and we sincerely hope that turning to God becomes a stronger instinct for you on your worst days.

Bad Day | Prayer For Help | Turn To God

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Everyone has bad days, and we have 30 prayers here to help you get your eyes set on God, reclaim the day, and move away from the circumstances that have overtaken your day.

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