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Prayer: It’s a privilege bought at a tremendous price.

Because of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, all who follow Him become endowed with the Holy Spirit. And it is the Holy Spirit that enables our ability to communicate to, and be with, God.

Before Christ, the followers of God could not communicate directly with Him, not in the way that we can today. That’s why God established prophets and leaders to be a mouthpiece for Him on this Earth. But the people could not have a personal relationship with Him, until Christ died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven.

In Acts 2, we find the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of a new era for humanity. In this new era, we get to have a relationship with God right here on Earth. As with any relationship, communication is key. Even though God knows everything, He still offers us the ability to speak with Him, a way for us to lean on and be guided directly by Him.

God created humanity for fellowship and to have a relationship with Him, but that was all destroyed in the Garden when humanity ate from the forbidden tree. Through Christ’s life and sacrifice, we are now able to be connected to God, and one way we do that is through prayer.

We thought it would be a great Challenge for you to God in prayer over the next 30 days. We have provided you the tools you need for this Challenge:

In this Challenge, you’ll find:

An Entrance Worksheet:

The questions in this worksheet will help you process how you presently think about quiet time and your relationship with God.

The 30 Day Challenge:

Each day, you’ll be provided with a Prayer Focal Point. Simply put, this is a subject to direct your prayer attention. We include a little explanation of each Prayer Focal Point to help you better turn to God with the subject matter.

An Exit Worksheet:

After completing the worksheet, you’ll be asked to complete a final worksheet to process the Challenge, and to give you some ideas for moving forward with continuing your quiet time.

If you follow this Challenge, we believe you’ll come out the other side with a profoundly new appreciation of God and the wonderful and good desires He has for your relationship with Him. Can you imagine how your life might look differently if you were able to see God’s presence with you in all circumstances? That’s our hope for you in taking this Challenge!




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Looking for a new Challenge in your walk with Christ? Why not try a 30 day prayer Challenge? Turning to God every day for a few moments will help you grow closer to Him!