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Prayers For Fear


Prayers For Fear

Lord, I’ve been through it. I have seen a lot of dark days and I am tired. I am sick of the battles. I am exhausted from always being on guard. I fear life will always be like this, that the clouds will never part. Help me see hope today, break through my fog of doubt and fear and bring forth your radiant light. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

God, In your holy, mighty, loving name I claim this fear. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

God, thank you for always being there with me, even when I cannot feel you I know you are present. You died so I could have life, and life to the fullest, but God, my life is not very full right now. I am seized in this place of fear, doubt, and sadness. I need You and all the goodness you bring to my life to break through and rescue me from this pit. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

Lord, who but you could save me from this situation I find myself in? No one. You are the way, the truth, and life. I need you to show me the way to your truth so that I can find life again. I have been captured by fear and held as a prisoner of war. Come save me, my King. Amen. 



Prayers For Fear

God, it is you who holds the keys to my freedom from this fear and pain. You and only You. Help me to trust you and to take your hand and never let go as you lead me to safety. You are my guide, God. Amen.


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