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Prayers For Fear

Fear is an epidemic in this world. We fear change, we fear pain, we fear loss. Fear is always around us, it’s almost as though it is a component of our genetic makeup. And, if you think about it, it’s true. Fear is part of our make up because when the first humans ate from the forbidden tree, it was fear that made them hide.

They hid from God, the One who created and sustained them. They hid from their Lord.

And we do too, don’t we?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are a Christian and no matter how many times God proves to us that He is good and trustworthy, we repeat our ingrained behaviors and we run to fear and the host of defense mechanisms to deal with our fear in our own way, in our own limited strength and power.

This usually leaves us tired, agitated, and not our best selves.

As Christians, we are born again and a new creation. However, our old way of life always tries to creep back in and rob us of what God has claimed in our lives which is freedom.

Fear is a lie. It is not from God. (Side note: I know that there are some confusing pieces of Scripture about fearing God, but that fear should be thought of more from the perspective of reverence, not a horrifying fear of Him.)

Prayers For Fear

Quote from Zach Williams Song Fear Is A Liar

God is our hope and our refuge. There is nothing to fear with God and we must train ourselves in this reality. Because if Jesus could face the Cross, die, and be raised in the Grave three days later, then it should be obvious that God can do anything. Fix your eyes on the Cross, rather the empty Grave, and find yourself transformed into a new reality where fear holds you no longer a prisoner.

Run to God in prayer. Grab a hold of Him and don’t let go. He will get you through this!

21 Prayers For Fear


Prayers For Fear

God, I am scared. I am not sure what the future holds. I don’t know how I am going to make it through this. I need your strength and power in this situation. Come rescue me. Please. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

Lord,  You call me out on the open waters and I am scared. I don’t know how to stand in your strength and love. I don’t feel confident I will not drown in all of this. Help me to trust you through this trial. Help me not to sink. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

God, I can’t seem to find your strength and power in my life. I know that you can do anything God, but I just don’t see how that is possible in my situation. Please show me how your working, give me eyes to see your movement. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

Lord, I have no clue how I am ever going to rid this fear from my life. I feel as though something always knocks me down and I can never get my feet secure. I need your power and might to show me that I am no longer a slave to fear, but I am a beloved child of yours. Amen.



Prayers For Fear

God, You are the God who parts waters, splits mountains, and changes even the hardest of people. Lord, I need You and Your power and love in my life to conquer this giant I face. You are capable of anything. It is when I fix my eyes on this and not anything else I find the ability to walk forward. Help me to keep my eyes only on You. Amen.


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Prayers For Fear

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