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Sorry, this challenge is over. Sign Up For The 2021 Scripture Challenge

Hey it’s 2021 and we have a brand new year-long challenge you can find out all about here: 2021 Scripture Challenge.

Join the free 2021 Scripture Challenge here:

The theme is Restart 2020! You can sign up for this below.

Or if you are interested in joining Forevergreen Women’s daily devotions and monthly Bible studies click here.

The theme for the 2020 Challenge: God’s Vision For You

(The signup box is below)

What will your 2020 look like?

Guess what it is in your hands.

No, not everything is in your hands. There are always circumstances that are out of our control, but what is in your control is your actions, your thoughts, your attitude, your habits.

You have the living, breathing, redemptive God residing in you right now and all of your days.

This means something, but often we forget who it is that walks with us.

Life gets stressful, messy, confusing. We forget who we are. We forget who our God is.

You have a choice, to walk alone or to walk with God. You can still be a Christian and not tap into the presence of God with you.

Tapping into God’s presence, actively engaging with God every day will transform your life. It will add depth, health, and renewal to you, because God is our lifeblood.

We created a challenge for 2020 to help you intentionally connect with God every single day.

In our year-long challenge, we give you Scripture for each day, reflection questions and prayer prompts for each month in the form of a nicely packaged free digital download.

At the beginning of each month, you will get your free digital packet that has the contents for the month. All you have to do is sign up below with your best email, (we promise to respect your email).

It’s up to you how 2020 will play out. We hope you join us in this adventure of turning to God through Scripture and intentionality for this could be revolutionary!

Never before have we created an intentional challenge that lasted the entire year. That changes now!

2020 is not only a new year, but the beginning of a new decade. With such a huge occasion approaching, we felt that this was the perfect time to help you have your best year, no… your best DECADE yet!

This challenge is free, and we not only hope you join, but that you invite others in your life to do so too. Seriously, this is going life-changing quality enhancing stuff!

When we intentionally fix our eyes on Christ, our lives change. And I don’t know a single person out there who couldn’t use more of God’s love, goodness, truth, and grace in their lives. I know I never get sick on all that good stuff!

Imagine what God can do with your response to an opportunity to transform your next year? Maybe there’s a mountain in your life that you feel is unscalable – but God can carry you through to the other side. Or maybe everything is going okay… God can transform a life of mediocrity into one that is extraordinary.

This is the result of walking with God every single day.

Our lives, our inner being, should be radically changed as followers of Jesus. Not just once, or twice, but continually transformed into His image, bearing His Fruit.

Okay, okay, I’ve said a lot. I hope you get my deep desire for you to plant your flag forward and make a decision to step and walk through 2020 with God in a new, intentional, purposeful way.

Again more details are coming soon, but if you want to jump on the bus and secure your free spot, sign up now.

I’m excited to see how God moves through 2020 and the rest of the decade!

2020 Christian Challenge | Bible Study | Scripture Writing Plan | Bible Verses For Women
2020 Christian Challenge | Bible Study | Scripture Writing Plan | Bible Verses For Women

*Scripture subject to change. In order to have the accurate Scripture, make sure you sign up for the Challenge.

2020 Christian Challenge | Bible Study | Scripture List | Bible Verses For Women