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Who doesn’t need a little spring cleaning?

Spring Scripture Reading Challenge 2020 | Scripture Reading Plans | Scripture Writing Plans

There are always things that hold us back from growth and intimacy with God.

In the Spring Session of the 2020 Challenge, we are going to specifically work on cleaning out the things in our lives that are holding us back!

To do so, we’re going to spend the next three months looking at three topics that often create huge barriers between ourselves and God, and how to get rid of them and move forward in our relationship with Him.

March: Getting Rid of Past Hurts

April: Getting Rid Of Insecurities

May: Getting Rid Of Stress

Learn more about this challenge in the video below:

I believe this Spring can be an awesome experience for you in tackling some of the problems that have been holding you back for years, So, if you haven’t joined the 2020 Challenge already, be sure to sign up in the box below and join me on this quest to get rid of the junk cluttering our spiritual lives and standing between us and a stronger connection to God.

If you are serious about really embarking on change and conquering these things in your life then I invite you to check out my monthly membership, Forevergreen.

Forevergreen has much, much more than you’ll find in the free Challenge, and is designed to really take you deeper and help you really see the loving truth God has to tell you about the relationship He wants to have with you.

Forevergreen is based on Jeremiah 17:7-8 and is not only a membership, but also a community. Every month I release a new digital Christian planner along with a Bible study and monthly worship playlist. In addition, daily emails with devotions, reflection questions, prayer prompts and daily truths.

The daily Scripture of this 2020 Spring Challenge is the same Scripture we will use in Forevergreen. Go beyond the recommended Scripture reading for the day and join this membership where you will really be able to sink into the materials in transformative ways.

I also have loads of other unbelievable resources that come with the Forevergreen membership. If you are serious about making lasting change in your life, or transforming your quiet time with God, then this membership and community is for you!

I hope that this Spring is one where you get rid of all the things hold you back and replace them with God’s life-giving, truth, grace, and love!

To sign up for the Spring Session of the 2020 Challenge put your best email in below. If you have already signed up for the 2020 Challenge you are in!

By joining this list you are signing up for the Spring Challenge!

To learn more about Forevergreen: click here!

Spring Scripture Reading Challenge 2020 | Scripture Reading Plans | Scripture Writing Plans
Spring Scripture Reading Challenge 2020 | Scripture Reading Plans | Scripture Writing Plans