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Worship when you’re feeling sad?

For the most part, I don’t think we naturally think of worship as something to comfort us when we are upset. Instead, what do we do? Run to food, drinks, maybe exercise, shopping, binge watching, or sleep. But worship? No, it’s not at the top of most lists for quick comfort.

But it really should be.

Have you ever had an amazing worship moment? The kind where you connect with God deeply that it moved emotions in you?

It happens all the time for me. It could be a song playing on the Christian radio station or through my iPod. Or, it could also be at a weekly church service or my favorite on a retreat or Christian concert.

I just love worship, but I don’t particularly love it when I am feeling sad.

Why is that?

I mean I know what worship does for me, but when I am feeling bad I somehow forget how great worship is for me.

I share all of this because I was in an emotional slump a little while back. Nothing particularly bad was going on; I was just not content and that led to feeling sad. After a few weeks of feeling sad, I felt a tugging on my heart telling me that I was “out of sorts.” I knew God wanted to shed His light into my troubled heart.

I knew that tugging was God speaking to me, telling me that I was focusing on the wrong thing, my circumstance, where I should be focusing solely on Him.

Then, I began to draw on a sermon I heard a few months back from Louie Giglio of Passion City Church in Atlanta.

The topic of the sermon was how to combat depression by submerging yourself in worship. It was a concept that I’m not sure I’d ever really thought of until he preached it.

In this particular sermon, Louie speaks about his own bout with depression and panic attacks and how he overcame them. It was simply refreshing to listen to someone speak so candidly and healthy about mental health problems. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this sermon, it is a very important message.

“Your weapon today (for depression) is worship. When you worship God in the midst of your circumstance it changes the sound track of our circumstance.” Louie Giglio.

“When Darkness Falls”: A Sermon by Louie Giglio can be found HERE. 

As Louie taught me (and hopefully you), when the darkness falls, you need to worship even if you feel like you can’t. Sing alone, sing in bed, sing on the way to from work, sing in your head.

I can’t encourage you enough to turn to God through worship to help you through the sadness.

Nothing penetrates more deeply than turning to God and worshipping Him. God is our source of strength, truth and love.

I wanted to make it easy for you by creating a list (in no particular order) of outstanding worship songs for the sad or troubled heart. I hope that you find in them comfort, peace, and most importantly, God.

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