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The Fruit Of The Spirit Family Challenge

We are so excited about this Challenge because it’s the first we’ve created for the families of elementary kids.

Both Aaron and I, the creators of this ministry website, have worked professionally as children’s ministers and we are so overjoyed to bring you this free resource to help your family become more loving, peaceful, kind, and more like Christ.

The Fruit of the Spirit is a great teaching point for any family, and any Christian, because the Fruit of the Spirit are God-given and God-grown virtues and marks of a true disciple.

Teaching your kids about the Fruit of the Spirit and helping them learn all about them, will help your family become more like Jesus and give God the room to grow love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control.

And families need more of that, right?

When you sign up for this free Challenge, you will receive the PDF challenge book that has ten individual worksheets plus a coloring sheet for each day.

As a family, you may choose to do these sheets together or print out a copy for each of your kids and have them do it at a designated time each day.

The Challenge Consists Of:

  • A daily worksheet with a place to write out the memory verse
  • A reflection question that directly deals with the Fruit for the day
  • A “put it to action” challenge. Each day there will be a unique challenge to implement actions to help embody whatever Fruit (love, joy, etc.) of the day.
  • A coloring sheet for the corresponding Fruit.
The Fruit Of The Spirit Family Challenge
The Fruit Of The Spirit Family Challenge | Family Ministry | Christ-Centered Home

We hope you enjoy this free Challenge and it stirs conversation and interest among your family for growing in your faith together with Jesus!

The Fruit Of The Spirit Family Challenge