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How joyful are you?

Really stop and think about it: how much do you experience joy?

Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and Joy is different than happiness.

Happiness is dependent on circumstances and can be lost at a drop of the hat, but joy comes from a wellspring of unquenchable waters through the Lord.

Happiness can’t compete with joy, nor is happiness what we are offered by God. Instead, God offers us His fruit of everlasting joy.

God is the one who builds joy and nourishes this virtue in our lives. But we have an active part in developing joy, particularly our willingness and desire to have God mold us and transform us into His image.

Joy is what we all need, for life can be difficult. Joy can carry us through hardships and help us have a different perspective so that even ordinary days can become the most amazing days – all because we have joy.

It’s difficult to describe joy. As I sit here to write you, I can’t even put into words the feeling of what holy joy is like. All I can say is it is very different than happiness. Well, it’s very different than anything else in this world, because it comes directly from God and your alive and active relationship with Him.

So whether you have experienced God’s joy in the past, or you’re desiring more joy in your life, or are doing well with joy – I have a challenge for you!

In the Summer Joy Challenge, I have seven things for you to do this summer that will help you develop the Fruit of joy in your life.

To get this challenge simply sign up with your best email below and then check your email to confirm and you will get immediate access to the challenge!

I hope you respond to this opportunity to grow more of God’s joy in your life this summer. Make a plan to do all seven things by planning them out and scheduling them in your calendar.

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