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The Summer Challenge 2017 has ended. We are a “live ministry” website, and our Challenges are created for our community to experience together in real-time.

However, we’d love to have you join our current Challenge!

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Welcome to Spiritually Hungry’s Summer Challenge: Grow Closer To God

Month One -The Goodness Of God 

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, trips and adventure. As a child, summers were always magical, weren’t they? Trips to the pool were endlessly fun, and going on a vacation seemed like the biggest source of excitement we could handle, especially if it was to an amusement park or the beach! We loved to sleep in, stay out playing with our friends and having BBQ’s. Summer was indeed magical.

As adults, the magic fades and summer doesn’t hold the excitement it once had. However, summer does provide a space in our lives for more time. We spend more time outside, relaxing and life just seems to have a different pace once summer comes around – a slower pace.

Which is great because summer is also an unbelievable opportunity to work on your relationship with God.

We at Spiritually Hungry like to look at the cycles of the year and help provide our readers with Christian practices and discipleship ideas that best suits the time of life you currently are in. So as summer is officially here, Memorial Day has arrived. It is a perfect opportunity to start a new Challenge, one that will grow you closer to God.

We created this Challenge to be that jumping off point. We provide you Scripture and Prayer Prompts each day, and it can all be done in 5 minutes. It is our hope though that the Holy Spirit moves within you and leads you to deeper waters. It is only He who can truly grow your relationship, you just need to be willing and provide the space and time.

We hope that you are inspired by the Scripture and Prayer time and it moves within you and throughout you as you find yourself seeking out God more through more Scripture reading, prayer time, joining a Bible study, attending Church for the first time, finding a Christian mentor or wherever it is that God is calling you to growth. It is through these vessels that we are infected with the desire to grow closer to God and in this Challenge we hope that you will get the jumping off point that you need for deeper growth.

The Challenge will cover three months, with each month featuring a different theme. When you sign up, you will be sent the first Challenge, followed by the next Challenge at the end of June for month two and another at the end of July for month three.

The first month of this Challenge is situated around God’s goodness. We believe that focusing on God’s goodness for 30 days will help you trust God more and see that His goodness is a central component of who He is and what He offers you.

The second month of this Challenge focuses on God’s love in your life. Can you imagine spending 30 days focused intently on God’s love for you, and what that might do for your life?

The third and final month of this Challenge will center around the Holy Spirit, who shapes our thoughts and minds into the likeness of Jesus. This Challenge will guide you into reflection about how the Holy Spirit transforms our lives and draws us closer to God.

In the Summer Challenges, you’ll find:

An Entrance Worksheet:

The questions in this worksheet will help you process how you presently think about the topic of each month’s challenge and where you stand before beginning the Challenge.

The 30 Day Challenge:

Each day, you’ll be provided with Scripture to read through that will help you grow closer to God. You’ll also receive a prayer prompt to help you process your reading and turn to God in prayer about the truth you’ve received in Scripture.

An Exit Worksheet:

After completing the worksheet, you’ll be asked to complete a final worksheet to process all you’ve learned, and to give you some ideas for moving forward with your new understanding of our powerful and good God.

If you follow this Challenge, we believe you’ll come out the other side with a deeper relationship with God. 

Summer Christian Challenge

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