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Prayer For Kids Behavior

What do you do when everything is going awry in your home? The kids just won’t listen or are fighting with each other, or simply not listening to you.

It’s hard to maintain composure when situations like this arise. That’s why we created for you a list of 30 awesome quick prayers you can say to help you turn to a higher and better source for strength and comfort – and that, of course, is God!

Keep this page bookmarked and when things start getting out of control, pick a prayer and say it. Repeat it and remain in God’s presence as you go about parenting. Walking in this way may just change some things, it certainly will help alter your focus from carrying this burden on your own to walking with God in your troubles.


Prayers For Bad Behavior | Prayers For Kids Out Of Control

God, things are really out of control right at this moment. I need You to step in a bring your peace. Please bring forth your ease and stability to this situation. Amen.



Prayers For Parents | Prayers For Parenting

God, why won’t my kids listen? Things are so tough when they won’t follow the rules or do what they need to do. I need help, I need your strength, power, and love. Please bring me your perfect gifts. Amen.



Prayer For Kid | Prayers For Kid

Lord, I need your tenderness and love. I am so overwhelmed and get so upset when my kids are acting out. I’m never sure what to do. I feel so hopeless. I need You to bring me Your guidance and strength. Amen.



Prayer For Kids Acting Up | Prayer For Kids Being Bad

God, I know You are a good loving parent, a perfect parent. Help me to learn from You. Amen.



Prayer To Be A Good Parent | Prayers To Be A Good Parent


God, I remember when my kids were little babies, so perfect and innocent. Time has changed and I wonder where that perfect little baby went. It was an easier time then, a more predictable time. Now, in this season of my life, my kids are more independent and less predictable. Help me to navigate through these waters with your love, strength, and grace. Amen.

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Prayer For Kids | Prayer For Child | Prayers For Children

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