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If you’re a police officer or any kind of law enforcement officer, want to, first of all, thank you for your service to our local communities. We appreciate your dedication to keeping our neighborhoods safe and secure. The work of a police officer is often a grueling, difficult, and thankless job. But, we also believe that all work on earth can be an extension of Christ’s work/ministry.

You are making the world better by helping people. God is using you.

At Spiritually Hungry, one of the many aspects of our ministry is to create prayers. We feel police officers are a great group of professionals to make prayer for – a police prayer. Share it with your colleagues or print it out to take to work. We sincerely believe that this prayer can help equip you to deepen your dependency on God throughout your life and career. Through God, we find our strength, courage, and endurance.

We hope that this police prayer blesses you and sustains you in all that you do.

Police Prayer

Police Prayer

I ask for Your hand over my life today. I step out into the unknown every time I go out, and I never know what troubles I may face. I need Your power and strength to do what I feel called to do and that is to protect lives and uphold the law. Lord, I know You are with me, but often it is hard to remember that in the midst of such darkness. Shower me in your protection. Enable me to walk courageously today in Your strength. Help me to see the people I interact with as Your creation and for me to embody Your ways. This can be a tough job not just for me, but also my family. Help them to trust in Your calling on my life, the life of a police officer. Bring comfort and protection to my loved ones. And Lord help me to see how much good I am doing in this world by being a law enforcement officer. Amen.


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