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 We are so excited to be offering you our new freebie, a spiritual exercise workbook!


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What’s great about this E-book is that is designed to help you understand what it looks like to run to God in times of pain and turmoil. As you no doubt know, we unfortunately live in a broken world – but thankfully we are not alone. God has never promised that we won’t endure suffering, but He has promised to be there with us through the confusion, agony and hurt. And let’s face it, we often forget this truth.

Although we often think that we can avoid facing pain if we are yoked to God, we have to remember that wasn’t true for Jesus, the disciples, the prophets – or us. God has given us Himself and that is truly the best antidote to suffering, provided that we have time, understanding and grace.

This free resource that we are offering you right now comes directly from another, much larger book that we are currently working on,  “How To Overcome Pain, Disappointment and Loss With God.”

Since you are loyal followers of Spiritually Hungry, or maybe new to our ministry, we simply wanted to thank you with this free gift and hopefully wet your appetite for our new book coming soon!

In this free resource, you will find 11 practices that will help you walk with God in your pain. Some of the practices will help develop your trust in Him, while others will focus on learning to turn your pain over to Him and rest in His love.

We sincerely hope this brings you closer to your Maker, because that’s all we want for you here at Spiritually Hungry.

Finally, a quick prayer for you:

We would like to lift up your child who is dealing with a tremendous amount of pain. We ask that you comfort them. We ask that you make your presence aware to them and we ask that your love is felt by them. Lord, we thank you for how you love and we thank you for your grace. Father, simply help your child as they journey toward healing with you.

Thank you for all that you do. Amen.

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