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Like coloring? Join as we start a new devotional series based on coloring Scripture, where you get to color along! We are excited to bring this practice to you as we together color our way closer to God!

So… I was in Joann Fabrics the other day, and I spotted one of those adult coloring books! I have had my eye on them since they first hit the scene last year, but never bought one. I knew one day I would purchase one and color my little heart out. I hadn’t expected to get one anytime soon, but I just couldn’t pass up on the one I saw.

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“Faith in Color: An Adult Coloring Book” by Pearlyn Choco 

Maybe you were already aware, but I didn’t know these existed! There are Scripture adult coloring books! My creative heart sang! I thought, “Wow, this would be a great thing to share on Spiritually Hungry,  I could color a Scripture page and use it as a time of devotion.” What an opportunity for a quiet time of creativity with God thinking and praying over Scripture.

So that is what I am going to do. I am going to color my way through the book and as I do, I will post my art and a devotion with it.

Molding Our Hearts: The Challenge Of Spiritual Practices

I am really excited about this time with God and creativity. I am very curious about how this will shape my heart and bring me closer to our Maker. Because that’s what time spent with God looks like, hearts being molded. When embarking on spiritual adventures, like coloring Scripture, it is important to keep in the front of your mind that this is an activity spent with God.

Spiritual Practices or Disciplines, as sometimes referred to, can be really enticing. Sometimes they are a challenge and other times they can be really fun, like coloring. Since coloring is a natural relaxing practice (unless you are the kind of person who completely hates sitting down for more than a minute!) it will provide a an inevitable release. However, you can find yourself coloring without even thinking, but that’s NOT the goal here folks. Spiritual practices aren’t about escape, but rather, drawing closer!

The Importance Of Centering And Practicing The Presence


Centering your mind around the Scripture you are coloring is essential. Try to focus on the verse, or if that becomes mundane, focus on a single word or idea and ask God what it is that He may want you to hear. It’s simply amazing what we can experience when we open ourselves up to God in this way.

Another thing to try to be aware of is God’s presence with you. Remember, this is a form of prayer! Sure it’s coloring, but it’s so much more than that! In this exercise, you are inviting yourself to be aware of God’s presence in this moment. Try to stay in that mind frame, which is a good practice to begin with, because God is always with us-we just often forget that throughout our day.

Centering on God’s presence in this activity helps us to develop the tools to carry with you, not just while you are purposefully focusing on it (like sitting down and intentionally praying or doing a spiritual practice), but while you are driving in the car, checking out in the store, or checking email. This is a modern approach to the Spiritual Discipline of Practicing the Presence, which is all about becoming aware of God’s presence throughout your entire day.   

So that’s it, this is my plan. I invite you to journey with me through this coloring book which you can purchase here: Faith in Color. (You also can join along without coloring, we would love to have you either way!) I would love to hear your experiences as you Color your Way Closer to God. 

Like coloring? Join as we start a new devotional series based on coloring Scripture, where you get to color along! This series is intended to help you grow closer to God by praying and meditating on the Scripture as you color.

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