Lucy’s Story: A Turner Syndrome Baby

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Turner Syndrome Baby

June 1, 2017 is a day Aaron and I will never forget.  It was the day of our 18-week anatomy ultrasound, a routine test to check how our unborn baby girl was coming along.  Through another test, five weeks before, we found out we were having a little girl, who I immediately named Lucy. I had the name Lucy on … Read More

Prayer For Weight Loss – 21 Short Prayers

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Prayer For Weight Loss

You undoubtedly came to check out this post about prayer for weight loss because you are currently on a weight loss journey or you have been combatting weight issues for some time. I welcome you and hope you find some peace, encouragement, hope, and love in the prayer for weight loss I’ve written for you. Dieting is often a rollercoaster … Read More

A Meaningful Thanksgiving Activity

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Thanksgiving Activity

Thanksgiving is a lot of work, right? The meal takes hours to prepare, and many guests have to travel hours to be together with friends and family. The highlight of the day is the meal – and since it’s Thanksgiving, that’s when tradition dictates everyone share something they are thankful for this year. So what tends to happen at Thanksgiving … Read More

8 Unique Types Of Prayer | Free Ebook

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Types Of Prayer

8 Unique Types Of Prayer How many types of prayer do you incorporate into your everyday practice of faith? Do you have a variety of methods for approaching prayer, or do you find the same types of prayer keep occurring over and over in your routine? Are you interested in learning about different types of prayer, and how you might … Read More

Holiday Challenge

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Holiday Challenge

Every holiday season, we have the opportunity to be with friends and family, our most cherished people. We gather with them because it’s that “time of year” and because all of the traditions associated with it. I am a firm believer that our holidays can be infused with more “Umph!” But that “umph” isn’t prettier decorations, better presents, and the … Read More

How To Make A Christian Battle Plan

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Battle Plan

This post was originally created for Spiritually Hungry’s Unshakable Faith Fall Challenge, click here to join for free. Preparation is everything, right? When you know a major storm is coming, what do you do? Go to the store and stock up on supplies, right? Fill your home with non-perishable food, water, medicine, and don’t forget to fill up the gas … Read More

30 Thanksgiving Bible Verses

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Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Thanksgiving Bible verses are great for the big Turkey day or even any day for that matter. We have so much to be thankful for, truly. I made these Thanksgiving Bible verses from my own hand, I hope you enjoy and connect to God through them. And if you are looking for an awesome prayer for your Thanksgiving dinner, you … Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer With Free Printable

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Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving Prayer Every year as Americans we gather around the Thanksgiving table with our loved ones, the family and friends who have become like relatives to us, to celebrate a day of gratitude. We eat a bountiful meal, have a Thanksgiving prayer, and enjoy fellowship with our loved ones.  It’s a special day in our culture. A day so many … Read More

30 Bible Verses About Trusting God With Graphics

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Bible Verses About Trusting God

30 Bible Verses About Trusting God This resource was originally created for the Fall Unshakable Faith Challenge, if you are interested in signing up for free, click here. All month long we have dug into the theme of developing deeper trust. Here are some of the Bible verses about trusting God I wrote devotions on for the Month One of … Read More

Understanding The Fruit Of The Spirit

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Fruit Of The Spirit Bible Study

Fruit Of The Spirit Unpacked This post was originally created for Spiritually Hungry’s Fall Challenge: Unshakable Faith. You can sign up for free here.  The Fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23 is one of the most commonly talked about passages in Christian discipleship, but do you really understand what these nine fruit really mean, and how they actually … Read More

21 Short Prayers For Trusting God

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Short Prayers For Trusting God

Prayers For Trusting God We originally created these prayers for trusting God as an additional resource for our Free Fall Challenge. If you are interested in growing closer to God and having unshakable faith, then this Challenge is for you! We hope you sign up right now; it could change everything for you – Spiritually Hungry’s Unshakable Faith Fall Challenge. Trust in … Read More

How Well Do You Trust God Quiz

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How Well Do You Trust God

How well do you trust God? Seriously, how well do you trust God? We created this assessment to help you think through your actions as they reveal your level of trust in God. This resource was originally created for our Unshakable Faith Challenge, if you are interested in joining for free, click here for Spiritually Hungry’s Unshakable Faith Challenge.  Are … Read More