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Welcome back to Day 2 of the Be The Light Challenge! I’m honestly thrilled that you are part of this challenge because being the light in the world is such an important and vital call.

The Challenge for Day 2 is below, but please read the entire post because it will help you synthesizes day 1 and day 2 together through biblical truth and exposition.

Recap of Day 1 and Follow Up Questions

Yesterday, we were challenged to look back over the “dreaded year” of 2020 and document 10 good things that happened for each of us. Was it difficult to come up with 10 good things that happened for you, or was it easy and quick?

If it was difficult, it might be a good sign that there are some areas in your heart God might want to work on. Focus on asking God to help you see all that you have instead of focusing on all that you may not have or whatever hardships may be present.

If the challenge was easy for you, what feelings came up? Were you surprised at how quickly you could come up with 10? Praise God for how He has softened your heart and helped you develop eyes to naturally see the good in life despite difficult life situations and circumstances.

And finally, if you were more of a mixed bag in your responses, finding it easy to recall a handful of good things but realized it was harder to finish the list, then speak to the Lord about this. Ask Him to help you go even deeper into seeing how much good He is doing in your life. Ask God to soften your heart even more and to develop eyes for only Him, and not be distracted by your circumstances.

All in all, kudos for doing the first challenge, seriously! In a world that is constantly grumbling about 2020, you have put a stake in the ground and said “No, good did happen this year! My God is at work.” And if you haven’t done Day 1 yet, you can do get the info here.

And that is the call, we are called to see God beyond our circumstances, just like Peter walking on the water? Peter was able to walk on the water at first because his eyes were on Christ. It wasn’t until Peter looked around and saw the waves, taking his eyes off of Jesus, that he began to sank.

So it is with us.

When we take our eyes off of Christ we sink.

Taking your eyes off of Jesus looks often looks like complaining that life is unfair. Or grumbling about hardships. Or unrighteous anger about difficulties. You see, being negative is a major reason we will begin to sink in the water.

Negativity gets us nowhere.

That doesn’t mean we’re called to have rose-colored glasses, but rather to have eyes to see God at work in our world, in our fears, in our hopes, in our hardships.

That’s why yesterday’s challenge was all about setting the stage for today’s challenge – moving from internal to external. Yesterday we internally reflected on 10 good things that happened in 2020 and worked on looking at the positive side of things with the Lord instead of the negative side.

Today’s challenge will build off of that – and is your first “Going Out” Challenge.

Are you ready?

Day 2 Challenge – Maintain a positive attitude for 24 hours. Wherever you go, whatever you do, look at things on the brighter side and share goodness in the world.

Since this is supposed to be a Spirit-filled and led challenge I ask you to continuously invite God into everything you do. Make this a prayerful challenge by staying connected to God as you go, purposefully taking on the call to be Christ’s light in the world.

Be positive and spread positivity (goodness and kindness) wherever you go, for example:

  • When you’re on social media.
  • Waiting in line at the store or in traffic.
  • Purchasing gifts for Christmas.
  • Conversations with the people you live with.

Be positive, spread goodness in the world by embodying positivity – it really is noticeable.

We all notice a grumbling and cantankerous person when we are shopping and they affect us. But what also affects us is the person who allows you to go ahead of them. The person who isn’t racing through the store or speeding on the road. These things seem like they don’t matter on the surface, but they do matter. They really do matter.

Never disregard small acts of goodness as being less impactful. People are longing for more goodness.

For an extra bonus challenge, try to remain positive for the remaining 14 days of the challenge!

Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow when I present day 3’s Challenge!

Make sure you are chronicling your challenge with the daily log. If you complete all 15 days of the Challenge within the challenge timeline (up until December 31st), I will send you a free digital gift! Details are here in the Challenge downloadable.