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Hi Everyone!

We are busy, busy, busy people, right?  We’re always on the go, our day is never long enough, and we wonder how we have the energy to do it all. Does this sound like you?

This new free resource from Spiritually Hungry has been crafted with you and your busy lifestyle in mind.

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We understand that you want to connect with God, but how do you do that when your toddler is having a meltdown, or your baby won’t sleep through the night, or your teenager broke curfew, or your spouse picked a fight with you, or your midterm paper was due yesterday?

Life often gets in the way with our relationship with God, but it’s not the same on His end. 

He is always, ALWAYS, there. We just need to become aware of that reality and that’s what we want to help you with!

Here at Spiritually Hungry, we are really interested in your connection with God because we believe that relationship is the most important thing we can invest in. It is the only thing that brings true life, healing, joy, and understanding.

And from that relationship comes the outpouring of God’s goodness to the people in your world. This is just one way that God’s love spreads – it flows out of us.

That’s why we created this FREE resource – to help you better understand how we can connect with God in any circumstance, including the hectic bustle of our lives!

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Want a better connection to God throughout your day, but can't ever seem to find the time? Relax, we got you covered. In this new free e-booklet, spirituallyhungry presents 5 simple prayer practices to help you grow closer to God in the midst of your busyness.