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Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil. For forty days and forty nights he fasted and became very hungry.

Matthew 4:21 NLt

I’m so excited for the next 46 days!!! (at the bottom of the post is a sign up to get the challenge)

As you may know, Wednesday began a time of spiritual growth and preparation for Easter that some churches observe called Lent. No matter what your Christian faith background is, the time leading up to Easter can be a powerful period for believers.

Usually Lent is observed by giving up something (most famously chocolate), but in reality, the call to give up something echoes the path Jesus took after immediately receiving the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:13-16).

So for this period in the Church calendar, the weeks before Easter, I want to challenge you not to give up something, but instead to take on a new spiritual act or habit.

This might look like incorporating more intentional prayer time each day or once a week. Or maybe it’s reading through the Gospels. What could you do to help your formation in Christ grow stronger in the 46 days leading up to Easter?

Of course, you may be aware that we have an amazing program to help grow your connection to God every day, which is called Forevergreen. This may be the perfect time to join and really work on taking your relationship with God to deeper levels.

I hope you look at the 46 days between Ash Wednesday (2/17) and Easter as an opportunity and an invitation to open the door even wider to God in your heart and mind. Seriously, we cannot do this enough.

What might God do with your dedication to Him over the next 7 weeks?

46 Day Challenge | Women's Bible Study | Women's Ministry

I want to challenge you, starting today, to take the next 46 days and instead of giving something up, like a certain food or activity, add an element that will transform your life and your relationship with God.

Possible ideas for your 46-day challenge might be:

Adhering to intentional prayer every day.
Reading through a section of the Bible, like the Gospels.
Create a prayer list and pray for those people for 46 days.
Start a journal where you write your thoughts to God.
Incorporate your own kind of weekly or daily worship.
Find someone else who will share this journey with you and periodically check in with each other and share all that God is revealing.
Work on developing a Christlike virtue with God, such as forgiveness, love, servitude, etc.
You see, these 46 days could be an amazing opportunity for you to become more like Jesus by intentionally seeking Him in new ways.

May it be a great 46 days for you and may God take you to new heights and depths through His love and guidance.

Rooting for you!

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46 Day Challenge | Women's Bible Study | Women's Ministry