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Need to treat yourself?

Need a break, or a little time to tend to yourself?

Need a little self-care?

It’s time to step back and devote the next three days to you and God.
He has a lot of love to show you – are you willing to stop a receive it? If so this Challenge is for you!

I had a particular person on my heart while writing this Challenge/Retreat. I’m writing this is for “The Giver.” This is for the person who serves their loved ones by taking care of everything and by holding it all together. Perhaps that’s you – the one in your family who takes care of everything and makes sure all needs are met.

If so, I have a message (and a Challenge!) for you today that I hope will rejuvenate and refresh you!

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And even if you don’t happen to fit into this “profile,” I ask that you still look over the Challenge and speak with the Lord if it is still something that would be beneficial for you.

Because, the Lord has abundant love to give us!

As humans, we often get wrapped up in the day-to-day duties in life and don’t realize God’s love. We just don’t feel it, and maybe we don’t even think about it. Instead, we think about the doctors appointment we need to get our kid to, or preparing for the dinner were hosting this week, or the fight with our spouse we had before work, or any number of literally countless tasks we have to do.

There’s nothing wrong with doing tasks – it’s the way the world works. We have to do things, and there is a lot that must get done. We all know this about life.

And we fulfill those needs to the best of our ability.

But…what happens when we continue to give and give and give?

Well, we get tried, worn out, stressed, agitated.

And that’s our clue we need to step back and refuel.

We need tended to as well!

And God wants to take care of you.

Retreats Spiritual | Self-Care Resources | Retreats for Women | Parents Retreats | Health Retreats

So let’s take the next few days to bask in God’s love, rest, and refuel for the important work you do!

About the Challenge:

Spiritually Hungry is embarking in a new venture this year. We will be offering Take Home Retreats, and this is our first one. We see it as a crossover between the Challenges we create regularly (and will continue to make) and Retreats, which we’re just getting started on. We hope this whets your appetite for what’s to come in the near future!

Challenge Breakdown:

So here’s a quick look at “The 3 Day Self-Care Retreat Challenge Guidebook” to give you an idea of what it really looks like.

The Challenge Guidebook will provide you with:

Spiritual Exercises
Self-Care Activities

We personally designed this guidebook with these features to help you center your mind, heart, and actions on improving the care for yourself and embracing the Lord in new ways.

In addition, you’ll also get:

Entrance Worksheet:
This worksheet is to help prepare your heart and mind for the Challenge.

Exit Worksheet:
This is a series of questions to help you better process the Challenge and go
forth renewed and rested.

The calendar is in block scheduling, just like a retreat, morning, afternoon and evening.

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Retreats Spiritual | Self-Care Resources | Retreats for Women | Parents Retreats | Health Retreats