15 Christmas Verses For Cards

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Christmas Verses For Cards

Christmas verses for cards is one of the best ways to make your holiday correspondence unique, special, and focused on Christ. There are so many beautiful passages in the Bible that point to the true meaning of Christmas. Whether you’re making cards this year, or simply writing a meaningful and encouraging message to a loved one, this we put together … Read More

30 Thanksgiving Bible Verses

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Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Thanksgiving Bible verses are great for the big Turkey day or even any day for that matter. We have so much to be thankful for, truly. I made these Thanksgiving Bible verses from my own hand, I hope you enjoy and connect to God through them. Also, we have a free Scripture writing Thanksgiving Challenge you can sign up here. … Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer With Free Printable

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Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving Prayer Every year as Americans we gather around the Thanksgiving table with our loved ones, the family and friends who have become like relatives to us, to celebrate a day of gratitude. We eat a bountiful meal, have a Thanksgiving prayer, and enjoy fellowship with our loved ones.  It’s a special day in our culture. A day so many … Read More

The 31 Day December Joy Challenge

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This Challenge has been designed to help you take on the Fruit of the Spirit: Joy!

Every year we all hear the same thing: “Christmas isn’t about Jesus anymore.” “I feel Christmas is just about consumerism.” “Jesus should be the reason for the season, but nobody seems to care.” “Why doesn’t anyone say Merry Christmas anymore?” Well you can fix that right here and now! Because the truth is…you can only change yourself – but I … Read More

5 Steps to Keep God’s Peace During a Busy Holiday

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Regain your busy holiday by allowing God's peace to rule your heart and actions. Learn how regain your composure throughout the stressful and busy day.

Inner peace, I think we all struggle with peace, right? I don’t know about you, but I certainly have not yet fully garnered the fruit of peace. It just always seems like something is waiting nearby to rob my inner peace. Maybe it’s running late, and the anxiety that accompanies that. Or it’s something said to me that gets right … Read More

The Problem of Perfectionism

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Dreaming of the perfect holiday? The one where everything comes together because of your hard work, planning, and, well...not burning the food?! The perfect holiday sounds amazing, but is it good for you? Perfectionism is on trial in this article.

Perfectionism has ruined my holidays in the past. Before this holiday season, I decided to reflect and share thoughts on the problem of perfectionism. Thanksgiving 2015 Last Thanksgiving afforded me the opportunity to make a yeast dinner rolls recipe for my in-laws for the first time. The recipe I prepared was created by my own father. Virtually every person who … Read More

30 Thankful Prayers To Say Right Now

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Thankful Prayers

30 Thankful Prayers Are you looking for a more thankful heart? If so, we put together a list of 30 quick thankful prayers that you can use to help you become more thankful to God. We believe communing with God is a great honor and privilege. It also is a necessity for a Christian. Learning to become communicative with God … Read More