15 Christmas Verses For Cards

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Christmas Verses For Cards

Christmas verses for cards is one of the best ways to make your holiday correspondence unique, special, and focused on Christ. There are so many beautiful passages in the Bible that point to the true meaning of Christmas. Whether you’re making cards this year, or simply writing a meaningful and encouraging message to a loved one, this we put together … Read More

Psalm 23 Meaning – Exploring The Passion Translation (TPT)

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Psalm 23 Meaning

Psalm 23 Meaning- Exploring The Passion Translation – TPT I undertook an excursion in Scripture recently to dive deeper into Psalm 23’s meaning based  The Passion Translation. In this post, I’d like to walk you through Psalm 23’s meaning and hopefully encourage you to find new ways to apply this profound chapter to your life. I was inspired to write … Read More

30 Thanksgiving Bible Verses

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Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Thanksgiving Bible verses are great for the big Turkey day or even any day for that matter. We have so much to be thankful for, truly. I made these Thanksgiving Bible verses from my own hand, I hope you enjoy and connect to God through them. Also, we have a free Scripture writing Thanksgiving Challenge you can sign up here. … Read More

20 Bible Verses For Healing With Graphics

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Bible Verses For Healing

Bible Verses For Healing Be sure to check out our other post that’s related to this post on Bible verses for healing, Prayer for healing-22 short prayers. This could be really helpful for you! The following Bible verses for healing were inspired by the epic journey I found myself on during the summer of 2017, when I found out my unborn … Read More

20 Bible Verses For Teachers With Graphics

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Bible Verses For Teachers

Bible Verses For Teachers Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you are a teacher, we thank you! Teachers have served a very important role in both of our lives and helped shape and mold us into the people we are today. Your job is very serious – you are literally forming the next generation! Teachers, what you teach your … Read More

Make Your Own Scripture Memorization Cards

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Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

Have you ever been around a person who can quote Scripture at the drop of a hat, who is able to apply the wisdom of the Bible in any given circumstance and respond to the questions and conversation going on around them? It’s a pretty amazing thing to witness, if you haven’t. There is an authority and believability to a … Read More