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Prayer For Anxiety


Prayer For Anxiety

Lord, I need to see above my fear and worries. I need a different perspective, a different vantage point. Will You please help me see things from your perfect and heavenly perspective? Amen.

Psalm 65:3


Prayer For Anxiety

Lord, I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like I can’t sit down. I feel like I can’t stop obsessing about all the things I don’t have answers to. God, I need your peace. Amen.

Proverbs 12:25


Prayer For Anxiety

God, I am exhausted, and I’m barely getting anything done. The more I worry, the less I do. The less I do, the more I worry. Please help me to break out of this rut. Guide me to take steps in the right direction. Amen.

Mark 6:50


Prayer For Anxiety

Lord, I feel as though I’m someone else. I can remember a time when I wasn’t so overwhelmed, and there was joy at every corner. But life has become so tough, I need you, I need you more than anything I can ever imagine. You’re my rock, and you were with me in the good times – help me to remember you are with me now. Amen.

Psalm 94:19


Prayer For Anxiety

God, I can’t stop thinking about the past. I can’t stop thinking about all the terrible things I’ve seen. I just keep reliving them over and over again. When I speak to people, I know that my past hurts dictate what I say and how I act. Can you help me find a new start in my life? Can you help me move forward from the past? Amen.

Revelation 21:3-7

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