Episode 2: What’s The Deal With Lent?

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In our second podcast episode, we take a look at Lent, sharing sometimes hilarious reflections on our own personal past with Lent and the tradition of “giving up something” for the season. We also examine what the bigger picture of the Lent season looks like, and propose the idea that Christians should maybe consider Lent an “Easter Season.”

Not everyone practices Lent, but we think that this conversation will be insightful for all and provide context for Lent to help turn this season into a time of identifying with Jesus’ suffering and coming alongside the challenges that He faced before His death. Even if your church tradition does not observe Lent, we believe it’s still a great idea for you to cultivate your own “Journey To The Cross” experience as a means to prepare yourself for the Easter season.

Every December, faithful Christians spend at least a month in preparation for the celebration of Christ’s birth and entrance into our world as the Incarnate Son of God. Why don’t we undertake a similar preparation before Easter? Should we simply wake up Easter morning and say to ourselves, “Well, it’s time to think about the Resurrection this morning!” Come on! Christ’s defeat of death is the turning point in world history, where humanity received the opportunity to move away from darkness and toward the light.

We believe that is what Lent can represent – a season of spiritual preparation, introspection, and (hopefully) reliance on God. This and many other ideas are what we discuss in this episode, “What’s The Deal With Lent?”

Note: At the beginning of this episode, we discuss the length of Lent, and state that Lent is not actually 40 days. Based on further research post-publication, that information is not entirely accurate and based on a misunderstanding of how different faith traditions count the days of Lent. Some traditions do count the days of Lent differently, but nearly all agree that, from a spiritual perspective, it should be considered “40 Days” regardless of how many actual days exist between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Again, we’re not Lenten scholars, and church history and liturgical calendars are neither of our areas of expertise. That’s why we ask “What’s The Deal With Lent?” 🙂  – Aaron

Make Sure To Get Your Lent Challenge

We also want to make sure that all listeners get a chance to download our 6 Week Lent Challenge (click here to get your copy).

Inside the Lent Challenge Guidebook, you’ll find:

•Over 12 different prayer practices

•Two reflection worksheets

•Loads of Scripture verses to reference

•Prayer prompts

•Journaling prompts

•Schedule and calendar to keep you on track

•Each day of the Challenge is unique and different – never repetitive

Thanks for listening, and we hope it helps this podcast and Challenge help you organize your thoughts and heart at the beginning of this Lenten season.

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Lent Practices | Lent Challenge

Aaron Waid

Aaron Waid

Aaron is a husband, father, theologian, writer, instructor, and musician.
Aaron Waid
In our second podcast, we take a fresh look at Lent and offer up ideas on making Lent more impactful as a way to grow closer to Jesus.