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Want some intentional time to set apart with God?

That’s what our Take-Home Retreats are all about. We wanted to provide you with all you need to have a retreat right from your couch.

We all don’t have time or the opportunity to go on a retreat whenever we need a break. That’s why we created these retreats, to help you have time set apart with God on your own timetable.

Life can get really hectic, really fast, can’t it?

A retreat is a prefect place to recoup and rest in the presence of God. As God is our perfect source of life and love, a retreat will help you find the fuel you need to for your life.

With our retreats, you will get a retreat guidebook equipped with schedule, suggested activities and retreat plan. We provide it all for you!

This is a new venture for us here at Spiritually Hungry. We are expanding our ministry and more retreats will be added through out the year, stay tuned!

As we continue to develop Retreats, we’ll keep you posted!

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It’s time to step back and devote the next three days to you and God. He has a lot of love to show you – are you willing to stop a receive it? If so this Retreat is for you!

Get The Self-Care Retreat

Married Life | Relationship Goals | Christian Marriage
This retreat is all about where God is leading the two of you! So no matter where you’re at on the marriage road right now, there’s always room for God’s growth in it.

Get The Married Couple’s Retreat

We have more Retreats in the works! Sign up for any Retreat or Challenge to receive updates on future offerings.

Retreat Ideas | Retreat Activities | Women's Ministry

Need some time away, why not try a Take-Home Retreat. Fun, Inspirational and enjoyable. Relax, rest and grow closer to God!