Episode 1: Sitting In Stress

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Stress affects everyone, but God doesn’t want us to sit in constant worry.

This is our first podcast and it was so refreshing to put together. Oh boy, are we excited! As we have said before, we are both used to doing ministry in person, primarily through speaking, not writing. Embarking on this new journey with podcasting was so enjoyable for us because it truly felt a little more like home and what we’re used to! We hope that you get to know us better through these episodes, but even more so, we hope that you grow closer to God and find new ways to connect to Him – because that’s our aim.

In our premiere episode, we discuss stress and overcoming the hurdles to bringing our problems to God. Our discussion is based on Wednesday’s blog post “From Stress To Submission.”  All week long we have been speaking to the topic of stress and how it is a barrier to our intimacy with God as part of our Stress-Busting Series. To conclude this week’s theme we sat down and spoke candidly about our stresses that we are facing and how to overcome the pressure we face by turning to God. Of course, that is no easy task and we discuss how to help you through the process of giving stress over to God in this episode.

We hope you join us in this conversation about stress and learning to give it over to God.



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Additional Resources

If you are looking for the article this podcast was inspired by, check it out here: “From Stress To Submission.”

We also have a devotional based on the worship song “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz  “Take A Deep Breath,”  this is a great devo for stress-busting.

And if it’s just prayer you need, we have you covered too, here are “30 Prayers For Anxiety.

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Alexis Waid

Alexis is a wife, mother, theologian, speaker and spiritual director.
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Join us as we discuss stress and the ways to bring our problems over to God. It's our premiere episode, and we are so excited to sit down and talk about stress and releasing that stress to God-it is a process we will spend some time exploring.