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Prayers For A Bad Day


Prayer For A Really Tough Day | Prayers For A Really Tough Day

God, I can’t believe that everything that’s happened has all been on the same day. It feels like this day has been a week long and that time is just ticking along as slow as it possibly can. I need re-energized and prepared for everything else that I need to take care of, and that’s why I’m turning to you. Amen.



Prayers For A Break | Prayer For A Break

Lord, I really just need a break from today. I just need some time alone, or time to take a breather. I’m just concerned that if things continue like they are, I’m going to have a breakdown. Can you help me find some space for myself in all of this craziness? Amen.



Prayer For A Start Over | Prayers For A Start Over

God, I wish I could just start this day over. I would have done so many things differently, knowing what I know right now. I don’t feel like I handled all of this very well, and I’m already filled with regret. Can you help me to move forward? Amen.



Prayer For A Bad Day | Prayers For A Bad Day

Lord, I’ve made mistakes today and I really regret my actions. I’ve acted foolishly, I’ve created more problems the more that I’ve tried to fix them. I feel like I just don’t know what I’m doing. I need your wisdom to understand how to respond to all of this. Amen.



Prayer For Tough Times | Prayers For Tough Times

God, I’m so frustrated and irritable. I just want to snap at everyone, whether they have done anything to me or not. I’m just not myself today, and I don’t want to act this way. Can you help me reclaim peace in my life today and love others in the way that you do? Amen.

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