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Prayers For A Bad Day


Prayer For A Crappy Day | Prayers For A Crappy Day

Lord, Today has been really hard. I don’t know if I have the strength to get through the rest of this day. My mind keeps replaying things over and over and I can’t get out of this downward cycle. Help me by bringing your peace into my mind. Amen.



Prayers For Exhaustion | Prayer For Exhaustion

God, Life just seems so rough. I feel beaten up and tired. Exhausted and weary. I need your strength and love to penetrate my day, please come and rescue me. Amen.



Prayers For A Really Bad Day | Prayer For A Really Bad Day

God, I’m just so angry. This day has really gotten to me and I can’t get passed it. I’m so sick of things like this happening. It seems everywhere I turn, trouble is around the corner. God, will You help alleviate my pain and turmoil. I need You and your support and protection. Amen.



I Need God | I Need Jesus

Lord, I just really didn’t expect today to turn out like this. I really thought this would actually be a good day. I had so many plans and thought that things would go differently. Can you help me to get this day back on track? Amen.



Prayer For Troubles | Prayers For Troubles

God, It’s just so frustrating when trouble comes from out of nowhere. It makes me feel so unsure about everything that I know. I feel like another disaster can happen at any moment, Lord, I just need your peace and assurance. Amen.

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